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Hon'ble Distributors, Dealers & Customers


First of all I thank all of you and full credit for presenting our quality product Gattani & Oxford Ply throughout the country in more dynamic way before customers.It is said if priest is powerful then devotees from all walks of life will flock together to temple. You are occupying prominent post of that priest for us. I am sure, role of super priest like you and second to none Gattani & Oxford Ply quality can ensure 1 x 1 = 11. For upgrading our quality, we are leaving no stone unturned by adopting latest technology imported machines during processing, high quality raw materials such as selected wood and super quality resin, placement of highly skilled and semi-skilled workforce and professional and qualified staffs and providing congenial atmosphere to maintain highest standard of quality. All norms of ISI and ISO certified products ( which our brand is already enjoying) are carried out strictly, right from receiving timbers and resins to boiling test and during processing and finishing touch under the hawk eyes of established chemist and leading production manager of our industries. Experts opinions are also sought at frequent interval to make our product more and more impressive and to plug any lacuna. As we mentioned earlier, without super priest our efforts are incomplete. It is all because of you that Gatttani & Oxford Ply is gaining momentum and making its presence felt everywhere by concerning more and more shares of ply market throughout country and counted amongst leading brand of ply world. Your valued suggestions in this regard will be highly solicited.


Beacuase of globalization, there is flood of imported ply in our country. You might be deceived by the look but there is no guarantee of inner strength and lasting. Every glittering thing is not a diamond. This proverb suits 100% to imported ply. Likewise ply industries in India bsed on imported goods are not sure of quality of timber they will be using next day.


As you know, Assam is God father of plywood industries in India. In 1996 because of Hon'ble Supreme Court's Ban, maximum ply units of N.E. Region were either closed or migrated to other states. Bit after a long legal battle with Hon'ble Supreme Court', few lucky ply industries of North East Region were allowed to reoperate. We are one of them. Our industry is certainly located in the forest hub of assam where we are getting uninterruoted supply of quality timber throughout the year so that no one can beat us far as quality of ply is concerned.


It is beginning and we should not be self satisfied. You know that is easy to rise but difficult to maintain. Ultimate aim of all of us is that our ply should be pet name at the lips of leading interior decorators, builders and carpenters. I am sure that at the strength of quality, advertisement and with your whole hearted support, no one can stop us from making Gattani & Oxford Ply home name for our real customers.


Makhan Lal Gattani,

Gattani Industries, Jorhat